Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pregnancy Fun House

Today I am feeling:

Achy back, legs, shoulders
Exhausted Every morning there is a good 20 minutes, where I lie in bed negotiating with myself about how I'm going to get out of bed. Roll? Slide? Give up and sleep 10 more minutes?
Sleep deprived My neighbor got a new girlfriend and she's a screamer
Worried I've been having crazy dreams about giving birth to puppies
Crampy Courtesy of my round ligaments. I wake up thinking "Woah, is that my period?" NO, it's just my round ligaments doing some kung fu on my stomach.
Paranoid about getting stretchmarks
Hungry!!!! If I were a wealthy little pregnant girl, I would have a Coney Island installed in my kitchen, and that would be my breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Constipated Just...yeah.
Sad Come on, Sunshine! I know you're up there!
Emotional/ Hormonal I'm floating between busting into tears at the sight of a sentimental commercial and going into an irrational rage at a stranger because their perfume is too strong
Chubby that indefinable zone between looking un-fertilized and obviously being "with child"
Lonesome Living without a roommate is quiet...too quiet. I need some noise. And someone to go annoy when I'm feeling talkative. *sigh*

Being pregnant is SO FUN.

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